Born and raised in the Caribbean, St Maarten/ St Martin specifically, I have always been influenced by culture, connection, and nature. Intrigued by human emotion, I started photographing people just as they were - unposed, in candid, real moments. As a wife and mother of two, I understand the importance of documenting those sincere heartfelt moments.

Living in the digital era, it is easy for anyone to pick up a camera, phone, tablet, iPad, etc and take a picture. Most of the time, those photos end up taking up space on those devices, without ever being printed. I produce images, using a handful on the best professional labs in the country, that my clients will be able to hang beautifully in their home, display on their coffee tables, and hold onto to pass on from generation to generation. Images that show love, raw emotion, and memories worth physically holding onto - not just stored in your memory bank. Your prints and memories can live decades, to be enjoyed by generation after generation - unlike digital files.

Once you book your session with me, you can expect a consultation to go over all the details of your session or event/wedding. During the consultation you will also be able to discuss some of the options that will be available for purchase, to turn the photos from your session into heirloom treasures. My clients describe the photo sessions as fun, and relaxing, without the pressure from a traditional photoshoot. While guidance is given, most of the session is candid, carefree and will be lead by the clients to just be themselves. Once the photos from the session have been completed and put into an online gallery, clients will have an in person premier viewing where the photos from their session or event will be revealed. Clients will then get to choose their favorites to be made into prints, canvases, books, cards, etc.

I will help guide you through every step of the way in order to achieve beautiful, high quality, heartfelt artwork and gifts.

Have any questions ?! Ask away!
I look forward to connecting with you .


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I'd rather be.jpg.jpg.jpgunder the sEa.jpg.jpg.jpg.jpg




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